Thank You

The locker room was full of hugs and handshakes yesterday as our season culminated with a tough loss to the Hamilton Kilty B’s.

This season will be remembered for the remarkable turnaround that occurred. At the end November, our record was 3-18-1. In the following three months, a 29-point surge propelled us to rise two spots in the conference standings and push the defending conference champions to a decisive game seven – despite operating with a depleted lineup. The team battled hard right until the end, and there’s no reason for any sense of shame. Instead, this serves as a solid foundation to build upon.

Thank you to our coaches, training and equipment staff, management team, billets, sponsors and volunteers. None of the operation is possible without the above mentioned. It truly does take a village.

We also want to express our appreciation to our dedicated fans for their unwavering support. Your continued presence year after year keeps our momentum alive. A special acknowledgment goes out to everyone who attended game six. It was truly awesome to see such a large turnout cheering us on.

We’ll be back in August. In the meantime, please stay tuned to social media, for announcements and information throughout the offseason.