Kai Skilbeck in Goal

Well, last night was a game for the history books. Kai Skilbeck becomes the first player in Welland Jr. Canadians history to play every position for the team.
We needed to employ an EBUG last night – and Kai, after joking about it a few times in the past, was actually thrown into the crease. Completely on brand for him, he had an absolute blast and embraced the challenge, even making a few big saves.
A true team effort last night behind-the-scenes. Appreciation to our medical team for promptly attending to Shea, and a special acknowledgment to our equipment team and the couple of former goaltenders on our staff, who luckily happened to be at the game, assisting Kai in transferring, outfitting and removing the equipment.
And tons of kudos to every member of the Sailors for the great sportsmanship at the end of the game.